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Lemorau CTA 1500


Cardboard Tubes


Lemorau CTA 1500 is an automatic cardboard tube cutting machine. Its function is to cut the tubes in a selected measure in relation to their total length and in an indicated quantity.

Constructed with high-quality components to exact specifications, it produces perfect cuts with speed and precision for years to come. The CTA 1500 includes a fully automated cutting cycle.

Lemorau CTA 1500.png

Standard Features

‣ Cuts of one or more lengths in a single tube (up to 4 different lengths)
‣ Automatic tube length measurement
‣ Easy to use software
‣ Multi-language touch digital display
‣ Tube positioning by servomotor
‣ Tube edge cutting function
‣ Standard tube diameters 25, 40, 50, 76 mm (1, 1.5, 2, 3 in)
‣ Optimized cuts
‣ Burr-free cuts
‣ Nylon anvils that prolong the life of the knife
‣ Quick and easy tube diameter change
‣ Total cuts counter
‣ Ability to cut up to 40 cuts / min
‣ CE certificate of conformity, operator's manual and electrical diagram

Lemorau 2019


‣ Cutting for plastic pipes
‣ Length for 2 meter tubes
‣ Other sizes up to 152 mm as optional (6 in)
‣ Thickness pack (allows cuts up to 15 mm thick)
‣ QRC (Quick Remote Connection)

For more information on the broad portfolio of Lemorau products, please contact us

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