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Lemorau EBRM +

Tabletop Rotary / Semi-rotary Digital Finishing Machines

Lemorau EBRM + is an affordable tabletop digital finishing machine that can line, die, cut and rewind printed material.


The machine can be used for inline finishing in conjunction with a digital printer or as an offline finishing machine.


The EBRM + die can operate in rotary and semi-rotary modes. The material tension control is controlled electronically, not requiring compressed air, since the shafts are mechanical.

Standard Features

‣ Maximum speed 25 m / min (82 ft / min.) On rotary for printed labels
‣ Maximum speed 25 m / min (82 ft / min.), Depending on the size of the trolley, in semi-rotary with registration
‣ Media width 250, 330 mm (10, 13 in)
‣ Electronic label and meter counter
‣ Belt guide with splice table
‣ Variable material tension control (automatic on waste rewinder and rewinder)
‣ 6 sets of circular blades with lateral adjustment
‣ 1 rewinder with mechanical shaft with a maximum diameter of 360 mm (14 in)
‣ 1 mechanical shaft waste rewinder with a maximum diameter of 360 mm (14 in.)
‣ 1 linerless lamination unwinder with mechanical shaft
‣ Label rewind in and out
‣ Die with lateral adjustment in rotary / semi-rotary register
‣ Z130 semi-rotary magnetic cylinder
‣ Die repeats 203.20 - 431.80 mm (8 - 17 in.) - Rotary Mode
‣ Die repeats 41.30- 371.00 mm (1.6 - 14.6 in) - Semi-rotary mode
‣ Electronic sensors to start, stop, with acceleration and de-acceleration ramp
‣ Multi-language touch digital display
‣ Remote assistance via internet connection
‣ CE certificate of conformity, operator's manual and electrical diagram

Lemorau 2019


‣ Adjustable base cylinder
‣ Additional circular blades
‣ Razor cut blades
‣ Unwinder for offline mode
‣ Pneumatic axles

‣ Work table
‣ QRC (Quick Remote Connection)
‣ Sensor for transparent labels
‣ Infeed in-line tension system with flatbed, semi-rotary and serigraphic machines
‣ Digital printing unit for in-line work »DIGI LC

For more information on the broad portfolio of Lemorau products, please contact us

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