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Costs control

Access Control / Management & Traceability

When you want to know the detail of the activity per user and its costs, in an automatic and consolidated way, we integrate the Xerox® Printing solutions, with some of our Software Partners.

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Cost control

We design solutions tailored to your business, improve Security, Access Control, establish Use Policies, Administration & Management of the fleet, and generate Traceability reports.

We help organizations to predict consumption , to have control of their information management devices and we facilitate the implementation of use policies, seeking to make the life of IT resources easier

Global Product Alliance Inc. is an authorized distributor for the Central American & Caribbean region, as well as the South American countries where it has Resellers, for the sale of PaperCut's Cost Solutions .

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PaperCut ™ is the universal print management and control solution for educational and business environments. Available for any operating system, any printer - easy to use and with thousands of functions.


Automatic Registration & Control of Printer usage


Detailed reports of printer, data and graphics usage


Define and manage the cost of all your print jobs


Set clear printing policies, and save money


Only in the presence of the user is their print job released


Simple Web-based, easy to manage, all automated

IT support

Regardless of the number of servers & Operating System


With networks of any size, up to more than 100,000 users

Control Panel

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