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Touchless, Germ-Free IoT & Information Control Platform

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Available for iOS and Android today

Security level: Mirrored

Embodying the power of your IoT devices and office equipment, Gabi Go allows your workforce  to securely and flawlessly execute all available functionalities using Touch commands through a device they know and use frequently; their smartphone.

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Global Artificial Business Intelligence (Gabi) Solutions is a leading provider in leveraging cybersecurity and technological services to all industries while introducing a secure voice IoT and Information control platform to Government and Business users offering a contactless, voice-to-command experience on your office equipment.

This methodology consists of providing our customers with a touchless accessibility to Multifunction Printers and additional office equipment in a secure environment by issuing a voice-to-command and mobile solution. Gabi protects your data and your health by avoiding billions of touches from customers of keypads, keyboards and buttons.

We embrace the challenge in making your workforce and data safe and secure through all outside threats white enhancing the users' accessibility in the everyday workplace.

We accept the challenge of making your workforce and its data safe and secure from all external threats, improving the accessibility of users in the daily workplace.

GABI Voice


Harnessing the power of IBM's Watson artificial intelligence, Gabi Voice is built with enterprise-grade security and privacy in mind. Jamie only hears when he hears your "Hey Gabi" activation command. All commands are encrypted and routed through cloud-based identity and access controls.


Simply connect Gabi Voice to the network and install the speaker / microphone device near the AltaLink you want to control. That's; you are up and running.

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Channel Development Manager

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