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Valloy BizPress13R Digital Printer

The Valloy BizPress 13R is the most economical digital press, at 7.26 meters per minute, using the most advanced LED Toner print engine. It only occupies 1.36 m2 of surface and its cost of operation is lower than that of its competitors due to the use of economical toner.

Valloy Duoblade F

Die cutter


The Duoblade F has been recently developed from 3 years of experience with the Duoblade S, the predecessor model of the Duoblade SX. The Duoblade F is a digital sheet die cutting machine where the most advanced technology has been applied, allowing digital printers to produce self-adhesive labels and packaging in small runs.


Valloy Duoblade SX

Die cutter


The Valloy Duoblade SX has been developed based on its predecessor Duoblade S and is known as the fastest digital die cutter on the market. This fast and inexpensive digital label finishing equipment has a unique design concept that allows it to differentiate itself from its competitors. This is a hybrid system, combining a flat bed and a roll-to-roll system.

Valloy Duoblade WX I

Specialized Solution for Digital Finishing

Duoblade WX I is the most ideal alternative of digital knife cutter versus láser cutter. Supports both Roll To Roll , Roll to sheet cutting services.

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Valloy Chopblade 310K / 460K

Roll to Sheet Cutter

CHOPBLADE 310K / 460K is the latest advanced model of high speed roll to sheet cutter for paper, film and labels.

This equipment is the ideal solution to work with analog and digital presses online or offline.

Valloy Chopin 350

Roll to Sheet Cutter

The Valloy Duoblade SX now has an optional weapon, CHOPIN 350. The DUOBLADE SX, the Digital Roll To Roll knife die cutter that works with a maximum of 4 cutting heads. Recently, the Optional laminator, CHOPIN 350, was added.

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