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The ideal solution for your digital label and packaging press

compact and economical

The Valloy BizPress 13R is the most economical digital press, at 7.26 meters per minute, using the most advanced LED Toner print engine. It only occupies 1.36 m2 of surface and its cost of operation is lower than that of its competitors due to the use of economical toner.

Media compatibility is one of the strengths. Supports various materials such as ART, Kraft, PP, PET, Tyvek, PE, PVC, Aluminum foil (80 g/m²), etc. thanks to the low melting temperature. Printing costing and variable data printing is also offered, including color management system.

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Finalizador Digital DUOBLADE PETIT

DUOBLADE PETIT is a desktop digital label finisher. It is a narrow version of DUOBLADE SX and it is composed of unwinder, rewinder, cutting station, laminating, matrix removal, slitting.

It works with two cutting heads. Although it is compact in size, it has a fairly fast speed of 8 m/min (10 cm x 10 cm square). One of the features is that it can work as a VP700 and VP750 (Memjet) line cutting machine. 

If you are looking for a short run digital label finisher with a reasonable price and fast cutting speed, DUOBLADE PETIT might be the best solution.

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Digital Die Cutter - DUOBLADE F 

The Duoblade F has been newly developed from 3 years' experience with the Duoblade S, the predecessor model of the Duoblade SX. The Duoblade F is a digital sheetfed die-cutting machine where the most advanced technology has been applied, allowing digital printers to produce self-adhesive labels and packaging in small runs.

DUOBLADE F is a unique automatic sheet feed digital blade cutter. Works with 2 cutting heads. It can be installed not only in the office but also in the factory thanks to its compact size.  

It has been trending in the luxury card and sticker market since its launch. Don't stress about unstable feeding from the sheet-fed cutter. DUOBLADE F could be the answer.

Easy operation, stable feeding, cutting precision, incredible cutting speed will make you happy!

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Digital Die Cutter - DUOBLADE SX