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Comprehensive Security Solutions

GET Group's identity management solutions have been used by many governments around the world for the personalization and secure issuance of hundreds of millions of highly secure documents, including passports, identity cards, driver's licenses, registration cards. voters and other government-issued credentials.

GET Group's global reputation as a trusted partner of governments and a provider of comprehensive solutions has enabled it to implement national identity programs, producing highly secure and durable documents in accordance with international standards and conventions.

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Differences GET Mobile ID Vrs Others

Customization Solutions

GET Group personalization printers cover the complete life cycle of security printing, personalization, and issuance. This includes eID and ePassport personalization printers that issue documents in accordance with the highest international standards for print quality, durability and document security.

Electronic Passport Personalization

Secure ID Personalization

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Safe Interaction with Outside Agencies

Issuance and Secure Document Management

GET Group offers a wide range of solutions for credential, identity and access management, covering aspects such as document design, biometric capture management and verification. In addition, GET Group is a pioneer in the digital identity industry with mobile device-based credentials encrypted using internationally certified algorithms.

Identity Management

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GET mID Verification Levels

Issuance of Identity Documents

By addressing the critical logistics of security document issuance programs, GET Group has developed solutions that simplify, consolidate and manage citizen enrollment and document issuance operations across multiple sites, while maintaining quality, consistency and security of issued documents.

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Digital identification mID


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