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Check Scanner

CX30 is the first check scanner designed for Remote Deposit Capture and is the best-selling model of Digital Check for last 10 years. Affordable and durable for small volumes, the scanner capabilities include capturing check image with MICR and OCR, straight or return feed for duplex scanning with options of inkjet endorsement and UV check capture. Suited for a teller window, the scanner is used by half a million small businesses worldwide. The Best Read API facilitates the selection of the highest-quality image from several images captured simultaneously.



Check Scanner

The multi-feed high-speed check scanner is versatile for teller window or remote deposits with high volumes. Known as workhorse scanner, it delivers reliability and superb maintenance in a simple and durable design. It is compatible with modular plug-ins for card reading or receipt printing and handles stacks of 100 checks to save time. Best Read system selects the best of four images to produce the highest CAR/LAR and Clear by Digital Check repairs the most difficult image. The UV version features a camera to capture UV security features and the optical light in one pass without reducing speed. 


Smart Source Elite 55

Check Scanner

The affordable high-speed scanner with a speed of 55 documents per minute is ideal for remote deposit and merchant capture solutions. With a 100-document capacity, the scanner is available as Serial Embedded and optional inkjet endorser. The compact and robust scanner is maintenance-free and delivers high performance with reliability. Elite 55 is a considerable option for small businesses with check volumes of 10-20 per day and even scans ID cards.


PR 90 Plus

Passport Scanner

Globalis PR90 Plus is an intelligent multi-document Passbook-Transactional Printer for any industry with fast transactions and safe printing.​

An intelligent printer with ultimate performance, it fits in the teller desks or for any industry where fast transaction and safe print is mandatory. In addition, the printer is suitable to personalize checks. The printer is user-friendly, easy to maintain, and has an LCD display for two lines of 20 characters each. Extremely flexible for connectivity, PR90 Plus comes with options of the parallel interface, dual serial ports, USB, and LAN.



ScanBox is the first check capture device designed for self-service. The versatile, independent ScanBox provides the highest quality images while it's easy to use and maintain. The feed mechanism collects up to 300 paper checks in the enclosure and captured check images are transmitted over the network for quick and trouble-free payments.

LSA Scan.png

Check Reader and Sorter

LSA range of readers/sorters with speed from 130 to 380dpm is a combination of superior technology and robust design. The open transport path provides a reliable feeding mechanism for jam-free transport. It allows the flexibility of processing mixed documents such as checks, vouchers, meal tickets, receipts, and other documents that require data retrieval, encoding, printing, or sorting. MICR reading can be enhanced with the OCR recognition and options for UV, IR, and Watermark detection are available. The sorter is manufactured with two or twelve pockets sorting modules and is extendable to 48 pockets.



Quantum Scan.png

Quantum DS

Reader and Sorter

Burroughs development teams incorporated the best features into the NDP Quantum Series platform for the best performance. These improvements ensure 60 percent higher performance when upgrading to DP500 or similar model. NDP Quantum Series outperforms the competition by up to 20 percent.




to Deposit Checks

Our custom check deposit kiosk acts as a self-service check deposit terminal minimizing the need for a deposit deposit. The kiosk offers customers a satisfying user experience with touchscreen features and faster processing.

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