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Lemorau ICR3

Inspection and Finishing Machine

Lemorau ICR3 is an inspection, slitting and rewinding machine that offers high working speed and excellent roll finishing. Inspection can be performed with a stroboscope, label missing detection system or with a 100% or 200% video inspection system.

With easy-to-use software and quick job changes due to the working memory functionality, it makes the ICR3 very practical and efficient.

The web guide coupled with our tension control system and standard features make the Lemorau ICR3 a high performance machine.

The tension of the material in the rewinder and unwinder is totally independent, controlled by servo motors and adjustable on the digital screen.

Standard Features

‣ Maximum speed 200 m / min. (656 ft / min.)
‣ Media width 250, 330, 450 mm (10, 13, 18 in)
‣ Electronic counter (Labels / Meters / Rolls / Total count in labels and meters / double label counter)
‣ 2 adjustable splice tables with pneumatic clamps
‣ Electronic web guide with ultrasonic sensor that allows orientation of opaque and translucent materials
‣ Automatic tension control system by servo motors - Constant Voltage and Taper
‣ Memory for 250 jobs that facilitate future repetitions
‣ 6 sets of circular blades with lateral adjustment
‣ 1 interchangeable pneumatic rewinder diameter 25, 40 and 76 mm (1, 1.5, 3 in)
‣ Paper tear detection
‣ Label rewind in and out
‣ Edge extraction
‣ Flag detection sensor
‣ Remote assistance via internet connection
‣ Automatic stop ramp and programmable stop function
‣ Reverse gear
‣ Maximum rewinder diameter 440 mm (17.3 in)
‣ Maximum unwinder diameter 700 mm (27.56 in)
‣ HMI operator display in color
‣ Multi-language touch digital display
‣ CE certificate of conformity, operator's manual and electrical diagram

Lemorau 2019


‣ Additional circular blades
‣ Razor cut blades
‣ Extra space for inkjet printing for extra data
‣ Custom additional chucks
‣ QRC (Quick Remote Connection)
‣ Waste rewinder from unwinder
‣ Double rewinder
‣ Rewinder for defects
‣ Sensor for transparent labels

Optional Inspection System

‣ Detection of missing labels
‣ Strobe (synchronized with rewind speed)
‣ 100% video inspection system
‣ Video inspection system 200%

For more information on the broad portfolio of Lemorau products, please contact us

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